Fees and Coverages

  •  1½ hour initial assessment/session which includes assessment of dietary practice, goal setting, plan, and recommendations: $135.00   

  • One time payment of $20.00 for body composition analysis (percentage body fat, fluid, etc) and monitoring   

  • 1 hour follow-up session: $110.00  

  • Meal plan Package:  $500.00 (covers one 1½ hour initial session, two 1 hour follow-up visits,  dietary intakes analysis, calculation of calorie requirement, and an  individualized meal plan).  

  •   Diet analysis: $60.00  

  • Individualized meal plan: $170.00 (still requires everything in the meal plan package) 

  • Private Grocery Nutri-Education:  $160.00  

  • Private Cooking session: $150.00.

  • Quickie let's-put-it-together breakfast: $80.00

  • Group presentation/education - Not-for-profit organization: $200.00/hr,  corporate: $250.00/hour

  • Representation in booths: Negotiable  

  • Travel cost: $1.00/km by road after the first 10km 

  •  Communication with your physician:free  

  • Payment is due at first visit if you choose the package    

Personal Fitness training 

  • Personal fitness training: $55.00/hour (you get a 2 hour training session for same $55.00)  

  • Try  our 16 week weight loss guaranteed package which includes nutrition  counselling, personal fitness training, in-home assessment, grocery  tour, the fee is individualized. 

Tennis Lessons 

  • Click on Tennis lesson page 


 Our services are covered by:   

  •  Some  insurance companies 
  • Extended healthcare benefits 
  • Some group plans  
  • EAP  
  • Veteran    
  • Private 


You may be covered to see a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.   Check with your insurance or group plan   Do you have a health plan that does not include coverage for Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist fees?  Ask your  human resource department to add Registered Dietitian to the list in the next budget year.  They usually do. Do you need help asking your Employer or Human Resource personnel to include Registered Dietitian in your coverage?  Download the factsheet found on "Home" page or on "Referrals/How it works" page.

We serve Brampton, Mississauga,  Caledon, Milton, Toronto, Georgetown, Orangeville, Peel  Region,  Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Burlington, Greater Toronto Area.   Clients from other cities are welcome. 

Nutrition and Fitness are Disease Prevention and Management!